Holding water multifunction HI-A

Holding water multifunction HI-A

Supporting with Pearl of HI-A, your gas glance, round of styling, smooth delicate, a, surface round Crystal Panel, in play music Shi will has led breathing lamp flashing, like Pearl moved shiny dazzling, and and hi-tech thaw for one, set multifunctional Yu a 1. power: DC5V, built-in lithium; 2. frequency response: 100Hz~20KHz, power: maximum 2.5W 3. products size: 9.4cm x 9.4cm x 5.9cm, products weight: 260 grams; 4. function: can read USB, TF card, external computers, MP3,MP4, mobile phones etc 5. color box 18cm x 12cm x 7.8cm machines + gift box: 460g: LOGO, box, gift bag can be customized. BACK
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