Toy paint harmful substances limit the implementation

  Children are the flowers of the motherland, is the master of the future, they say, but the real harm to their health but also for us.
children's toys in 2010 became a matter of concern, there are many manufacturers suffered foreign returns because of production problems with the product. Some factory closed down, it is called pernicious acts of unselfishness, causing damage to others.
2010.10.1, China will formally implementing standards for coatings in toys of the GB24613-2009 limit of harmful substances of toys with paint.
long gift editor know. According to China ring oxygen network online introduced, the standard on children toy paint in the five class harmful material for has specific of provides, which including lead total <=600 mg/kg, and volatile sex organic compounds (VOC) ≪=720 grams/rose, stupid content <=0.3%, methyl stupid, and b benzene, and two methyl stupid, and ≪=0.3% and eight items soluble elements, and six class o stupid II carboxylic acid ester of limited requirements.
long gift to remind parents that the choice of a good toy, on children's health is important, try green toys.

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