Gift B2C, Internet marketing prospects

Network marketing is more and more important in our daily lives. Below to see specific numbers. You will feel what is not false.
2009 year's online shopping market scale of 248.35 billion yuan, in 2008 the figure was 1281.8 Yuan, an increase of nearly 93.7%, B2C Web sites is particularly rapid growth, market share from 7% in 2008 to 11%.
2009 China online shopping turnover share of the total retail sales of social consumer goods continued to rise, reaching 1.98%, will exceed 5% within the next 5 years.
2009 year Chinese online shopping users scale (there have been at least once in the past six months total number of users shopping online) exceeded 100 million, an increase of 37.5%
in developed countries United States, online shopping is growing very fast, and B2C 73%, while China is now only 7% in this regard, this figure shows what? Therefore, China's B2C shopping prospects quite broad. A potential market for the gift industry is also very impressive. Guangzhou Guanlong gift company, will become the carrier of online shopping in the future.
Taobao C2C transactions 82.4%, also established the major force for the B2C. Jingdong Mall 2009 turnover of the market 28.7%, joyo 26.7%. According to professional analysts, the 2010 market share further increases up to 2011, as the manufacturer, distribution of Guangzhou Guanlong gifts, more confident about the sales network, further integration of the B2B,B2C. BACK
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