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With the improvement of people's living standards, in the pursuit of material satisfaction, but also eager to pursue spiritual fulfillment, quality packaging that needs a culture, it can make sellers produce emotional resonance. Therefore, we should think about designing social effect, pay attention to the culture of design. In General, culture and nationality, but the packaging design should show the culture does not only refer to the country's traditional culture, but a complex of coexistence with the times. The traditional packaging of all nationalities in China in various forms, cultural progress directly affects the packaging development, especially gift packaging. Guanlong gifts believe that tradition made of Nanmu, camphor wood box, box, used to hold pens, ink, calligraphy, painting, ink stone and other items, it is typical of an elegant gift packaging. The gift of biluochun tea packaging, melodious Chinese tea culture, elegant, full-bodied, long emotional, thoroughly reflected. Guanlong gift think it is up to the "tea" gift packaging characteristics of human culture, and has a unique blend of cultures of the world "emotional" conversation.
Cap long gift thought, creation of gift packaging design is different from pure art, driven by consumer psychology, and many other product attributes, constraints, thus improving the cultural tastes and time characteristics of the gift packaging design approach. Owing to the different commodity, its position is different, is not the art of calligraphy + folk patterns and combination. Guanlong-gifts that we only Commission of modern aesthetics, modern marketing, consumer psychology, materials science and technology was fully aware of, as well as modern languages and forms, can design integration of emotion and reason for gift wrapping. BACK
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