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Gift packaging can now say sound everywhere, everything. But do consumers prefer, it's a bit more difficult. We are familiar with gift wrapping vs knowledge under.
gifts package design in packaging material selection should be based on natural materials, such as paper, bamboo, wood, clay, plant stems and leaves and other natural materials, adapted to local conditions, application design and production of packaging items. Traditional natural packaging materials, packaging to the original state, simple processing, elaborately decorated three forms appeared. It not only embodies the Oriental aesthetic concepts of the three major orientations, without decoration, natural natural beauty of decorations not claimed the natural, gentle harmony; and gained world renown natural beauty take beauty, but also full responsibility for people's awareness of environmental protection. Wood for packaging, or remains in the original state, the carved or polished after machining. Or direct access to the section of bamboo on bamboo, or peel its skin before weaving Builder.
in the choice of material should be focusing on adaptability design of gifts, in particular in certain regions ethnic specific style of adaptability. East, South, West, North, Han Chinese, minority regions, urban and rural territory, often have a different aesthetic habits, in the design of the bamboo in the South should not be hard with Beijing in the North and fruit on the packaging material. If the Henan wheat straw packaging jewelry, we feel not just the forms of packaging design errors, also has a selection of borrowing is not reasonable.
Gift packaging materials, emphasizes the application of contrasting materials and natural materials, heavy texture, and give full play to the natural landscape for atmosphere, in addition, can use modern new decorative printing paper to build up a new package of images, enrich the artistic language. BACK
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