Telephone sales skills lessons

First: from mode starting
    in front of articles in the, I also times stressed, phone marketing from mode Shang is divided into a type and two paragraph type, usually "a type" of sales personnel by reported out of price is company provides of price, customer first in and phone mutual tie of media, as directory and e-mail, above get price of message, if price developed very has temptation force, so on will directly attract customer dial up ordered hotline (avoid with advisory hotline) Come to order. If a customer call the order hotline, telephone sales personnel do not as a general consultation, but directly asked its needs to the type and quantity of the products, could avoid some risks of low prices. Some companies are giving permission to telephone sales personnel, but there is no bottom line must not, allow customers to reduce prices. Telephone sales personnel must first ask the customer's special requirements, such as the amount and timing of, approved by superiors, and then back to the customers the lowest prices, such effects are often better.
    in the "two-stage" in telemarketing, telephone sales personnel must avoid mistakes is to resist the customers requirements, direct quote prices, whether you are a range of pricing, or direct to the customers you consider a preferential price, in fact, this is not about the customer's abilities and needs before you make a mistake. In two-stage telephone sales, telephone sales personnel must know the two-phone sales is the role of mining and the client's strengths and problems, rather than quotes. At the asked price, learn to blame the product or solution or consulting Department, and this will do everything possible to avoid the risk of loss of profits.
    II: shaping the "free" value
    gift manufacturer, is free, many businesses a way to gain customers in the telephone sales, I also served for a number of similar enterprises to sell free software or service, free in the early development of enterprise operation strategy is feasible and is also more commonly used methods. Say by the truth, should be very easy to market the product for free, but in fact I met many enterprises have several similar confusion? free stuff people often do not believe that excessive use will be harmful effects, delayed the progress of the business and plans. So, your enterprise if you are or plan to use strategies to promote your product for free to remind you, be sure to mention or shaping the product value, because free usually means the value of your services is zero. Even if you are free, you should also pay attention to "Offer" design (the direct marketing of the term of the transaction claim). For example, although it is free, but limited supplied or used within a quota, or to tell the customer there are two kinds of free and pay versions, is to provide experience for free, by experience so that customers understand the value, and then during the free period is about to expire, according to customer's frequency of use asked whether to continue working with are willing to pay for. Once applied these strategies offer, is added into the telephone sales personnel said. Therefore, the telephone sales is important in "the" problem was not purely a matter of skill, should also consider marketing strategies.
    III: how to master the quote
    of space in most enterprises there, many companies call on the quotation and outside visits are the same. Which means there is no other media (direct mail and EDM) complex, entirely be left to telephone sales staff offer a sense of propriety. So, in these situations, usually to note are as follows
    1) to discuss value of products or services and then in telephone sales, the price
    often is encountered more customers listened to your product, if you think your product name and other businesses is nothing special, On will directly asked you of price, in this when, to avoid you in no master customer needs of premise Xia, blind reported out "opening died" of price, so to learned questions of skills, especially customer zhiqian have with had or heard had of experience, because each products are is for customer of a problem of solution and proposed of, so coat according to customer on its need solution problem of urgent degree awareness, put you of products and service can solution of degree told customer, then again according to actual quotes.
    2) each time you quote don't burn
    unless your product is a retail or list price, or don't want to die price said. When a customer is interested in his problems, ask your price, you usually have to prepare two sets of policies.
    gift production manufacturers, a is can has compared advantage of range price, like, according to you of situation, I recommends you do such form of within training, General of price according to number and set, in *****-------****** price Zhijian; if you of products type compared more, also can first focus recommended a paragraph has price advantage of products, especially is do activities promotions of products, its price compared has temptation force, We used to work or office supplies used. Usually to meet customer needs, trust us to let him up.
    there is also a formal quotation, phone sales usually do not go out, no opportunity to demonstrate to customers or interview, so the price often represents your personal and corporate values. Quoted prices must be carefully considered. Generally under the harmonized is much lower than the company, higher limit lower than the stipulated by the company. If you know the prices of competitors, the best equivalent. So customers feel your sincerity, and of course the prices are reasonable, reasonable profit is the basis of ensuring quality service, not blindly low prices. In I yiqian by engaged in of office supplies industry, we reported of price listing usually including has 20 several stationery products, company first to we each products of minimum limits, returned to we each big class of profit limits, while each Zhang orders do zhihou, referred to the specifically of price audit sector, according to market competition opponents price to further modified, anyway, market Shang most common of products price often and opponents of keep consistent. But your own brand and exclusive product price can be slightly higher for future procurement review rates and customer (many businesses to purchase has such a provision, must purchase budget cut of a percentage point per year) to prepare, with posterior.
    3) not too much imagination to customers
    first of all, I have also said that phone sales and key account sales personnel in terms of price the biggest difference is that space, even bargaining, or reduce a lot of times, according to my experience, usually no more than 2 times. And telemarketing in the start price or Offer trial package design, usually sold for a lower price than a retail or catalog channels, which is itself a customer over the phone price is our lowest sales channels, which is natural advantages of telephone sales, direct and factory orders, eliminating the need for advertising, entry fee. (DHC says that he is Japan communications sales champion). Telling the customer, was cut off by customers continues to haggle with your space.
    second, make good use of the background, such as your supervisor or boss you can use black background of unrelenting, even you can make concessions, you are designing a virtual background to help you play bad COP role. Boss card is the business manager of many SMEs, it is actually the truth.
    Finally, the building is to make good use of resources, for the sake of customers. For example, although the price is provided to death, individuals can give you free some service or gift, let them feel that you are in a quandary, have tried to help him consider obtaining the best interests, I believe customers are able to understand. BACK
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