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All popular events happen every day, and some will become the focus of national attention. As marketers need to know how to adapt to the environment, by taking advantage of the "featured events", and saying well, "big happens, I", this will save a lot of effort and cost. In front of news events, for large enterprises is a great opportunity to build brand, and their relatively strong and many small and medium enterprises, you gave up that chance, they tend to believe that their flesh is weak. But the marketing opportunities are everywhere, the key lies in whether we can open a new path, or even a little ingenious thought, personalized marketing strategies, the right approach and ingenious design, the effect of money in no way inferior to those of male save large enterprises.
    how to use the event for marketing? Actually we see zhiqian of stolen dream space of marketing, and let bullet fly of marketing, we not difficult found, appropriate of reference now of social hot, for brand activities of grafted, can up to twice of effect, following I will through a wonderful case for everyone analytical "hot marketing" of five big principles and method:
    a times classic of news hot marketing case analytical
     United States President Clinton had carrying First Lady Hillary to Japan for visit, trip in the arrangements Hillary to Tokyo are University for once speech, due to day of wind compared big, speech and in a open square held, Hillary in speech in the from time to time was wind Yang up skirt, many people are in site shooting has photos, which has one in flush photos Shi, between found which has a Zhang, was can clear to see first lady of skirt within underwear.
    This will no doubt be a news event, but how the news gets more value, is the next most important issue. Because, without news events and their products effectively grafted, it lost its market value. Only United States first lady left the panties, is his company's products, this photo can have a value.
    at took Xia this photos of people named plant field II lang, he immediately contact has a local of underwear production manufacturers three wood, and to he to has a manufacturers of LOGO, through technology processing will LOGO clever to laboratory Shang photos, then overnight catch wrote has a entitled: "first lady spring leak, precious underwear love three wood" pictures news, and will this news every other day published in front page headlines, Published in newspapers, magazines, and television and radio media broadcast, Clinton spring leaks and Miki lingerie news throughout Japan the rapid spread. This series of events is naturally seen as keen to talk, so clever lever immediately to see Miki lingerie brands and United States relationship is established by the first lady, this amounts to the first lady did a brand endorsement, and is completely free! When
    and when she saw it in the paper, and can only be angry, there is no combustion. She know this pictures is really, three wood underwear is fake, is three wood manufacturers using himself for commercial hype of intent, inside although anger great, but no proposed any judicial litigation, because she and she of bureaucratic are very clear, if to on this thing for pursuit, I'm afraid will more Shang has family of Dang, because such of thing more description more black joint of news will more noisy more big more more, this on himself is no what benefits is on three wood this manufacturers is is brings more of commercial interests. Which first lady had to go unheeded. Miki underwear because of storms formed marketing relationship with the first lady became famous, and sell well in Japan.
    first, there must be public participation in the "event"
    Super girl, why stir the country, people close to one-third because the final watch, many people through the thumb interactions involving family and friends involved. In fact, mass entertainment entertainment when your so hot marketing if you want to have a significant effect, first of all to public participation in the event. Under this premise, if well planned, using an event to arouse people's curiosity, marketers will receive a good marketing effect.
storm such as Xie Yalong must resign noisily around that time, associate a portal site sports a Xie related news below to launch a class "to music for music, Xie Yalong, no class" topics, open, you can see the Lenovo Ideapad--video advertisements of new to music. The title form ads launched on the same day received 110,000 hits, and the number of replies reached more than 2000 pieces.
    news for marketing, more natural effect the better the effect will be. Marketing often fails the main reason is the lack of public participation, which means marketing main event, do not have enough influence and appeal. So-called popular event is recent, influential, able to attract some people search scope and representative events. Baidu's interpretation has the following four points: 1, flourished, attracting people's attention to the things; 2, that can attract the things many people; 3, described by all concerned, welcome; 4, fashionable compelling or attractive things. Whether that interpretation, include appealing this factor, therefore, attractive, is a major characteristic of popular events.
    II, want to make the news more marketing value, we must learn to effectively "grafting"
    community every day events, big and small, everything is possible in the news, it depends on the observer's insight mining news. A successful event marketing opportunities is sometimes required, but even more important is the observation and imagination. After finding the news, the most important question is how the companies and products or concepts embedded in the news, it is best to embed without a trace. To achieve the effect of taking advantage of spreading.
    melatonin is more successful at this point, when cloning is being scrambled around the news, melatonin clever use of this information, and clever brain technology embedded in, wrote this article two major breakthroughs in biotechnology, technology and cloning technology is a real brain. Because an embedded smart, just published by a lot of people misinterpreted as news. Dissemination of results have been very good, and even reprinted by other newspapers as a technology article comes up. Can be said to play an unexpected effect.
    third, find communication excitement and followers during the interactive
    look at the 08 World Cup, major portals how to interact. SINA's ingenuity, the use of "watching the World Cup," attracting attention from more users, tens of thousands tweets reviews in real time, 24 hours a day to refresh, so popular. Nissan floor activities aimed at World Cup theme can be described as unique. Layer upon layer of consumers from 32-bit fans selected 8 finalists, after the cruel "Guild Wars", the final, both players stand out, as South Africa World Cup "Super fan". The two men will receive 100,000 monthly, can be described as "in the history of the best sideline reporter". 100,000 part-time salary became the marketing gimmicks, no matter how many people comment, or at least let people know and remember this car brand. The increased significance of the marketing tactics of brand awareness is more far-reaching.
    at the same time, own lots of event is carefully planned and executed, and event marketing plan must have a close contact with their own propaganda purposes. Some big events always attract public attention and public interest, as long as we find a suitable starting point, skillfully combining businesses, products, and events, and then try to make spontaneous participation of consumers, in order to communicate to create events other than the true value. Practice has proved that can attract consumers to participate in interactive marketing, tend to get a better return.
    Finally, news time, integration of various resources so only a short time in order to produce maximum damage.
    there is also a question, General news lasted a long time, timeliness is a barrier of news, this time the attention generally declined after.
for example, in the Wenchuan earthquake, many companies have donated money, except in the next day's newspaper or showing your face on TV is nothing. It can call: information marketing? We honor the entrepreneur spirit of selfless dedication, but from a marketing standpoint is not a fail. Wang Lao JI is yigeyiwan used the contributions to press speculation, was the brand a household name by Wang Lao JI, the jdb's reputation, while Wang Lao JI sales rising.
    contributions in many enterprises, jdb donated 100 million Yuan, but as much and donate it or donate more than he compared to many enterprises. But why only jdb influence the most successful? Need to know news not hype is of little value. Many enterprises are made public, or even to the public does not know. So, jdb did what? First of all, Wang Lao JI consolidated patriotic wishes of consumers and, secondly, Wang Lao JI was integrating the current hot spots, or event marketing; once again, Wang Lao JI consolidates the media resource, to Forum resources and network news and other free resources for advocacy, popular words: have to donate 100 million donation, to drink Wang laoji. That is why, through social activities, plus network media campaigns, Wang Lao JI with $ 100 million in donations for at least 1 billion to do advertising effect, Wong Lo Kat take Sichuan earthquake news marketing, has been richly rewarded.
    v, marketing plan to develop at different stages of marketing strategy and plan
    hot news event, is a scarce resource. This requires the implementation of enterprise event marketing process, even though it is a small round the event to spread, in order to achieve maximum sales. Audience fragmentation in the media today, companies can under different media for different news, through structured and implemented in time for the news penetration, brand at a news event in the longest and most mass communication. Meanwhile, according to news launch marketing activities, must pay attention to communication with the media. This will show the company fast and strong brand execution to the media, so as to show the active image to the public through the media.
    any event marketing plan is a double edged sword, successful event marketing often attracts the attention of consumers at cheap cost, rapidly enhance corporate image, expand brand awareness and reputation, if poor operation may bring irreversible negative impacts to the enterprise, Enterprise event marketing, prediction and control of the risks. BACK
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